Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, guys! We’ve prepared some release to celebrate Thanksgiving. ;D

We originally planned more release, but everyone’s been pretty busy lately so we were only able to prepare 3 chapters…


1. We are going to move to a new site really soon, probably on our next release day. The site is being prepared and set up at the moment. Look forward to it. ;D

2. WE ARE STILL RECRUITING!! If you can translate (viet, korean, chinese, or jap), typeset, clean, or proofread, join us!!

3. If you are from foreign group and would like to re-translate our projects and I haven’t replied back to your email, please send an email to mysticirisforever@gmail.com!

Deep Love: Real

Our first release of November! Sadly, it’s only 1 chapter. I was planning to release Nice Guy Syndrome vol 3 ch 9 today as well, but I have to leave now so I wasn’t able to finish typesetting it today. BUT! We’ll have another release on Monday for Veterans Day. So look forward to it. ;D

Still looking for more translators, cleaners, typesetters, and proofreaders!

EDIT: Nevermind what I said before. I had some extra time just now and I finished typesetting Nice Guy Syndrome ch 9~

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, guys! It’s currently 12:46am for me. Usually at this time, I’ll be in bed and dead asleep but thanks to Hurricane Sandy, there’s no school for the whole week. Nice, right? NO! I’m bored to death! I mean, the good thing is that there’s no school and I can be lazy on my homework, but the down side is that because of Sandy, the MTA (subway & bus) routes are closed and I’m just stuck at home… Sandy ruined a part of my halloween. T_T

BUT, Halloween is still an awesome day, and for this awesome day, we’ve prepared some releases for ya’ and hoping to brighten your day even more!

  • Love Like Crazy – vol 4 ch 13 l l Read Online [Coming Soon]
    Yup, I know a lot of you guys are anxious to read more of Love Like Crazy so here’s another chapter for you guys~
  • Love Sick – vol 3 ch 14 l l Read Online [Coming Soon]
    Woohoo another chapter of Love Sick! I think there’s only 4 more chapters and then Love Sick will come to an end. Treasure these last chapters guys! (I’m such an hypocrite… I haven’t been up-to-date with this manga, but I will soon… when I’m not feeling lazy, which is almost never.)
  • Shinigami Tantei to Yuurei Gakuen – vol 1 ch 1 l l Read Online [Coming Soon]
    This manga fits perfectly into the Halloween mood! It’s a high school horror manga plus a bit of romance. We will really appreciate it if you give us some feedbacks on this new project of our’s.

Now, to recruitment. WE ARE STILL RECRUITING AND WILL MOSTLY LIKE ALWAYS BE RECRUITING! We seriously need more editors and translators (Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese) and EXPERIENCED proofreaders! Join us if you want after release! We don’t mind teaching you if you are interested but don’t know how to use edit.

I know the website is always not up to date with our progress and stuff.  Our new projects and upcoming ones aren’t even up on the site yet and some of the project page doesn’t even have the DL link even though the chapters are released already. This is because we don’t really have time to edit it since editing and keeping it up to date requires a lot of time. With that said, WE ARE LOOKING FOR A MODERATOR FOR OUR WEBSITE! You have to have tons of time, and you must be able to have a bit of knowledge of HTML. It also a bonus if you’re able to edit the appearance of the site and make it look prettier. We would really appreciate it if you can help us keep the website nice and beautiful looking and up-to-date. Send us an email at mysticirisforever@gmail.com if you are interested.

Happy Birthday, Xah!

Happy Birthday Xah~ [From ChinaTown KM]

We’re so sorry! There was something wrong with Azura’s scanner, so we weren’t able to scan it. -sigh-

That’s why, we’ll like to make it up (somehow) by releasing other chapters for you. :3 Well, I hope it’s okay. You may tickle Azura, because it’s her fault! Well, it is.. Her scanner’s fault.. Whatever.

Oh, and before we move on to the releases, I’ll like to say
WE NEED MORE STAFF! Only 14½ staff members are active! You don’t want us to drop any projects, do you!?


This is what we’ve for you, Xah. Happy Birthday!

*The other releases, such as Love Sick, Love Like Crazy, etc. will be released the 31th oct.



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